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Title : Lining Up Data in ARCGIS
Author : Margaret M. Maher
ISBN/ISSN : 978-1-58948-342-2
Item Location : Rak H
Description :
A Guide to Map Projections is an easy-to-navigate troubleshooting reference for any GIS user with the common problem of data misalignment. Complete with full-color maps and diagrams, this book presents practical techniques on how to identify data projections, create custom projections to align data, and solve common data alignment problems. The second edition is compatible with ArcGIS® 10.1 and includes new sections on aligning CAD data and appropriate use of the web Mercator projection. This book will benefit new and experienced GIS users alike

Title : Web Cartography : Map Design for Interactive and Mobile Devices
Author : Ian Muehlenhaus
ISBN/ISSN : 978-1-4398-7622-0
Item Location : Rak F
Description :
Web mapping technologies continue to evolve at an incredible pace. Technology is but one facet of web map creation, however. Map design, aesthetics, and user-interactivity are equally important for effective map communication. From interactivity to graphical user interface design, from symbolization choices to animation, and from layout to typeface and color selection, Web Cartography offers the first comprehensive overview and guide for designing beautiful and effective web maps for a variety of devices. Written for those with a basic understanding of mapmaking, but who may not have an in-depth knowledge of web design, this book explains how to create effective interaction, animation, and layouts for maps in online and mobile platforms. Concept-driven, this reference emphasizes cartographic principles for web and mobile map design over specific software techniques. It focuses on key design concepts that will remain true regardless of software technologies used. The book is supplemented with a website providing links to stellar web maps, video tutorials and lectures, do-it-yourself labs, map critique exercises, and links to others’ tutorials. Approachable, clear, and concise, the book provides a nontechnical, approachable guide to map design for the web. It provides best practices for map communication, based on spatial data visualization and graphic design theory. By carefully avoiding overly technical jargon, it provides a solid launching pad from which students, practitioners, and innovators can begin to design aesthetically pleasing and intuitive web maps.

Title : Securing Cloud and Mobility
Author : Ian Lim, E. Coleen Coolodge and Paul Hourani
ISBN/ISSN : 978-1-4398-5055-8
Item Location : Rak C
Description :
Although virtualization is a widely accepted technology, there are few books dedicated to virtualization and security. Filling this need, Securing Cloud and Mobility: A Practitioner's Guide explains how to secure the multifaceted layers of private and public cloud deployments as well as mobility infrastructures. With comprehensive coverage that includes network, server, and endpoint security, it provides a strategic view of the security implications of virtualization and cloud computing. The book begins by deconstructing the terminology of cloud computing. It explains how to establish a secure framework within the virtualized environment and breaks down the various deployment and service models for cloud computing. For private clouds, it discusses the issues of physical versus logical segmentation, securing orchestration, encryption services, threat intelligence, and identity management. For public clouds, it provides three frameworks for reviewing cloud services: cursory, in-depth, and outsourced. On the mobility side, the text discusses the three major mobile architectures: Apple IOS, Android, and Blackberry. Filled with real-world examples, it addresses the various mobile management approaches, secure mobile code development and standards, and the emerging threats to both cloud and mobility. Laying out decision-making frameworks to help you secure your virtual environment, the book includes coverage of physical and virtual segregation, orchestration security, threat intelligence, identity management, cloud security assessments, cloud encryption services, audit and compliance, certifications, and secure mobile architecture. It includes helpful implementation considerations, technical decision points, and process flows to supply you with practical guidance on how to navigate the undulating terrains of cloud and mobility.

Title : Enabling Comprehensive Situational Awareness
Author : Susan Lindell Radke, Russ Johnson and Jeff Baranyi
ISBN/ISSN : 978-1-58948-306-4
Item Location : Rak D
Description :
A State-by-State Atlas of US History, 1790-1900

Title : Crowdsourcing Geographic Knowledge: Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) in Tehory and Practice
Author : Daniel Sui, Sarah Elwood
ISBN/ISSN : 978-94-007-4586-5
Item Location : Rak G
Description :
Also Including the District of Columbia and Territorial Quarters


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Semoga laman sesawang ini mampu memperluaskan kaedah pencarian maklumat anda sekalian disamping PPN berupaya memperkukuhkan visi dalam penyediaan perkhidmatan perpustakaan berasaskan pencarian bahan dan maklumat dihujung jari. Pembangunan koleksi bahan-bahan interaktif dan digital merupakan salah satu usaha PPN dalam menyebarluas rangkaian perkongsian maklumat dan bahan rujukan berteraskan pengkhususkan JUPEM dalam bidang kadaster, pemetaan dan geodesi.

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