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1 CONTEMPORARY SCHOOL MATHEMATICS: The St. Dunstan's College Booklets / G.Matthews 512.64 MAT Department of Survey and Mapping Matthews, G
4 Daftar Ejaan Rumi Bahasa Melayu 499.2381 DAF 1988
5 TOWARDS A HISTORY OF LAW IN MALAYSIA AND SINGAPORE / Ahmad Bin Mohd Ibrahim 340.09595 AHM Ahmad Bin Mohd Ibrahim
6 DEFINITIONS OF SURVEYING AND ASSOCIATED TERM / Prepared by a Joint Committee of the American Congress On Surveying and Mapping and the American Society of Civil Engineers KT 528 (083.71) AME 1972
7 Pipelines, Digital Maps & Computers: A Practical Handbook / author D.J.Gedge, with illustrations by Roger Salway 628.155 GED 1985
8 PROCEEDINGS OF THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF GEODESY (IAG) SYMPOSIA: TOME II 528.2 INT International Union og Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) XIX General Assembly 1987
9 Technical papers of the Austra Carto One Seminar, Perth, Australia, August 2 and 3, 1984, in association with the 12th Conference of the International Cartographic Association. 528.9:681.3.01:061.3 AUS 1984
10 The Earth's rotation and reference frames for geodesy and geodynamics: proceedings of the 128th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in Coolfont, West Virginia, U.S.A., 20-24 October,1986 / edited by Alice K. Babcock and George A. Wilkins. KT 525.35 EAR Alice K. Babcock 1988.
11 Mathematical and numerical techniques in physical geodesy: lectures delivered at the fourth International Summer School in the Mountains on Mathematical and Numerical Techniques in Physical Geodesy, Admont, Austria, August 25 to September 5, 1986 / edited by Hans Sünkel. 528.2 INT Hans Sünkel 1986
12 GPS: A Guide to the Next Utility / by Jeff Hurn for Trimble Navigation KT 526.9'82 CAN 1989
13 Astronomy before the telescope: volume I ; The Earth -Moon System / Nicholas T. Bobrovnikoff ; edited by Roger B. Culver and David D. Meisel. 520.93 BOB Bobrovnikoff, Nicholas T 1990
14 The MAP CATALOG: EVERY KIND OF MAP AND CHART ON EARTH AND EVEN SOME ABOVE IT / Editor Joel Makower, Laura Bergheim and Cathryn Poff 912'.0294 MAP Joel Makower 1990
15 The Blueprint: Handbook of Print & Production / Michael Barnard 910.285bALL Michael Barnard 1994.
16 Web cartography: developments and prospects / edited by Menno-Jan Kraak and Allan Brown. 523 WEB Menno-Jan Kraak 2001.
17 Geographical Information System and Computer Cartography / author by Christopher B.Jones 910.11 JON Jones, Christopher B. 1997
18 ASAS FOTOGRAMETRI / Haji Abdul HAmid bin Mohd Tahir KT 526.982 ABD 1990
19 Great Muslim Mathematicians / author by Mahaini Mohamed. 510 MOH Mahaini Mohamed 2000.
20 A WALK THROUGH THE HEAVENS: a guide to stars and constellations and their legends / / Milton D. Heifetz, Wil Tirion ; [illustrations by Wil Tirion]. 523.8 HEI Heifetz D. Milton Cambridge University Press,
21 IMAGE ANALYSIS, CLASSIFICATION, and CHANGE DETECTION in REMOTE SENSING: with Algorithms for ENVI/IDL / author by Morton J. Canty KT 526.9'82 CAN 2019.
22 Map -based Mobile Services: Design, Interaction and Usability / Liqiu Meng KT 526.0285 MAP 2008.
23 Penulisan berita dalam Bahasa Melayu / author Sulaiman Masri 070.4 SUL Sulaiman Masri 1990
24 Perkhidmatan awam Malaysia: ke arah kecekapan dan keberkesanan: (pembaharuan dan kemajuan dalam Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia 1995) / laporan oleh: Tan Sri Dato' Seri Ahmad Sarji bin Abdul Hamid 351.595 PER 2006
25 MATHEMATICS: Models of the Real World / Lancaster, Peter KT 510 LAN Lancaster, Peter Prentice-Hall
26 PEKELILING KEMAJUAN PENTADBIRAN AWAM: Semua Pindaan Hingga Disember, 1996 / disusun oleh MDC Publishers Sdn Bhd 354.595007 MAL 2003
27 MANUAL for the Optical-Chemical Processing of Remotely Sensed Imagery / cheif editor; Cheng Ji Cheng, co-editors; Li Jin, Li Qi Shusun, Li Xiaowen and Yi Jianfang 528.8 MAN © Milton Heifetz, maps Wil Tirion 1996, 2004
28 ALMANAK FALAK 2004 133.5 ALM 2004-